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    "The ability to speak does not make you intelligent."
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    even when u niggas sleep on me, i’m woke on my own self. i know how great i am. i know i’m a gem. 

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    when a bunch of your favorite artists release new music at the same time

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    I’m still surprised when I see I have a message.

    I’m still excited when I get a new follower.

    I’m still happy when a post of mine actually gets notes.

    And I still appreciate each and every one of you who continues to follow me no matter how silly, or annoying, or weird I am.

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    i want to get so good at giving sly digs that you dont even realize i insulted you until like a week later when you randomly start crying while eating breakfast

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    this was my junk in high school 

    This still goes

    Thank you Tumblr.

    Still bump this on my ipod


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    men are so afraid of confident girls and its so funny

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